Teens rate sex online

FRASER Coast teens are sharing graphic details of their sex lives on a lurid Facebook site designed to “rate” the youngsters on their performance in bed.

Hundreds of teenagers have sent information about their sexual partners to the anonymous administrator of the site, who posts comments about their conquests on the page for others to view.

The information usually includes the full name of the person being “rated”, a score out of 10 and a comment about their physical appearance or what they will do between the sheets.

While some regard it as a joke, others are horrified to find themselves listed and have begged the site’s operators to remove their names.

One of the more tame comments lists a Urangan High School student as a “9.9/10”, who “knows what she has to do to pleasure people”.

This prompted the girl named to immediately reply, “take that off (the site)”. The post remains visible.

In another instance, posters rushed to defend one girl with a poor rating, one saying: “She’s like 14 and she’s inexperienced. Nobody starts off perfectly. You should have showed her what to do”.

Unsurprisingly, several people have threatened violence against those who posted the comments.

Teens contacted by the Chronicle, whose names are mentioned on the site, believe the account is managed by several people.

The creator does not give a name, but lists their birthday as April 17, 1994 – making them 17-years-old.

The site attracted more than 600 fans in less than 24 hours this week, and is so popular it spawned a copy-cat site with an almost-identical name.

The administrators of the second site, also anonymous, claim they will remove any comments if requested, and will not post material about those under the age of consent – in an apparent bid to protect themselves from legal action.

“Our mission is to go out and find the best **** in Hervey Bay, so get ****ing people and start inboxing us,” the creator wrote on their information page.

The pages appear to be part of a worrying trend, with similar versions said to be popping up for areas all over the country.

However, it is believed many are deleted once Facebook staff become aware of the problem.

According to the social networking site’s terms of service, users must not “use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory”.

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