Rain in M'boro halts cane crushing with more on the way

TREVOR TURNER is hoping the heavens will open up with rain, but not for another three weeks.

The Maryborough Canegrowers manager said the 38 millimetre downfall upon the Heritage City on Tuesday had halted cane crushing efforts.

But Trevor may not get his wish for the rain to hold off.

Bureau of Meteorology spokesman Jess Carey said more rain could be expected soon on the Fraser Coast.

"The Fraser Coast is not likely to get a storm cell and there's nothing on the radar as yet," Mr Carey said.

"While the 38 millimetres received in Maryborough in the 24 hour period (on Tuesday) wasn't too significant....people should keep up-to-date with weather predictions...as there's a lot of weather instability at the moment."

Mr Carey said an upper level trough teamed with high levels of moisture in the atmosphere had caused clouds "from all directions" to form down near the Queensland and New South Wales border.

"We are transitioning out of the dry season and into the wet season," he said.

"Anything the Fraser Coast sees today and tomorrow is left over from Tuesday's events."

Showers and a maximum temperature of 24 degrees Celsius are predicted for the Fraser Coast on Thursday.


Jenny Waterhouse: "10mm @ Wondunna."

Jason Weir: "Elliot river (near bundy) @ the forestry depo got 62mm."

Pete Connor:  "See, M'boro does get something Hervey Bay doesn't, ha-ha."

Sheree Robertson: "As usual, the bay must have a dome."

Nicole Hoberg: "About 2am this morning lighting hit very close it was the loadest bang I have ever heard. My ears where ringing for at least 5 minutes after, the whole house was shaking."

Ray Cooper: "6.6mm Eli Waters, yes we missed out again."

Joy Oliver: "We have 8mm in our gauge from the second storm at midnight."

Shevaun Lorne: "No, just thunder, lightning and steady gentle rain."

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