Fraser Coast's weekly sports quiz (December 14-20)

SPORT: How much attention did you pay to stories in the Fraser Coast Chronicle's sports sections?

The newly-launched weekly sports quiz will be printed every Friday, with 10 questions directly related to stories published in the preceding seven days.

Some questions are answered directly in stories, while others will reference a major player from the story.

Test yourself, and your friends, and let us know how well you score.

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1. The Hervey Bay Amateur Fishing Club recently held its AGM. Who will serve as president next year?

2. The junior sedans national title, set for Maryborough Speedway on January 11-13, will boast an enormous field. How many drivers have nominated?

3. Who was the coach when Hervey Bay Seagulls won its last A-grade premiership in 2016?

4. Aldridge State High School won its third straight Australian Volleyball Schools Cup last week. Which school did it beat in the final?

5. The Kurt Murdoch Classic will be held at Maryborough Speedway on December 29-30. What class contests the Classic?

6. Trevor Parry stepped aside after he served seven years as Tinana Football Club's president. Who is the new president?

7. Glenn Ottaway is now a QRL regional general manager after about four years as Central Region Manager. Who was appointed the new Central Region Manager?

8. Bayside Strikers won one premiership in 2018. In which competition did they lift the trophy?

9. Glen Dreger, through his role with Wynnum-Manly Seagulls, will cultivate another pathway for junior league stars. At which club is he a life member?

10. Who was named Bay Power's captain for the second AFL Wide Bay Women's competition?

Maryborough Speedway, National Production Sedans Title - Steve Jordan.
Maryborough Speedway, National Production Sedans Title - Steve Jordan. Blake Antrobus


1. Graeme Legg.

2. 83. For the first time, every state and territory is represented.

3. Tye Ingebrigtsen.

4. Monbulk, Victoria.

5. Production sedans.

6. Liam Kearney.

7. Robert Crow.

8. Bayside Strikers won the first youth girls (11-14yrs) competition.

9. Maryborough Brothers. His son, Alex, is the club's A-grade coach.

10. Mikaela Eldridge.

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