Councillors support going green

THE FRASER Coast has a new ecological restoration policy and our councillors say it’s going to make it a lot easier to be green.

Nine out of 10 councillors “happily” supported the new policy at this week’s infrastructure and environment standing committee meeting in Tavistock Street.

The tenth councillor, Anne Nioa, is on sick leave as she recovers after surviving a horror crash at Dundathu on June 7.

The policy aims to provide what natural environment officer Rod Buchanan describes as “a holistic and adaptive approach to assist in the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed”.

Rod says the council is committed to delivering best practice environmental management to the residents of the Fraser Coast by managing coastal dunes, waterways and remnant bush land.

“But this also extends to the restoration of natural areas affected by council works like bridge upgrades, roadworks, adjoining sensitive environments such as creeks and herbicide application.”

The good news at the meeting was that this policy won’t require additional funding and “will have limited financial impact to existing programs”.

Policy principles include incorporating a no-net-loss philosophy to ecosystem function. Where it’s lost it should be provided at another appropriate degraded natural area.

Council staff will also identify habitat values that require restoration for the conservation of threatened species and vegetation communities.

There’s also a thrust to identify and serve cultural heritage values. The policy will be reviewed at least every two years.

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