Fraser Island locals welcome much needed rainfall

AFTER one of the driest start to the year on record, Fraser Island locals like David Anderson are welcoming the significant overnight falls and a wet March.

David Anderson has lived on the World Heritage listed island for just over 10 years and has been keeping rain records on his property at Eurong on the eastern side of the island since 2010.

After coming out of a dry and hot summer, Mr Anderson said they had experienced one of the wettest Marchs with 269mm up until 9am on Wednesday, March 29.

Mr Anderson recorded 136mm on his property in March 2016.

"We need the rain, it has had a big impact on the roads on the island," he said.

"It makes a stark contrast to the last four months with hardly any rain."

Mr Anderson explained that following extremely dry summer conditions, the rainfall in March has allowed National Parks to maintain the roads through the island and aside from a few boggy patches, there has been a huge improvement.

"We need the rain to pack the sand and maintain the roads and it makes for a smoother ride across the island," he said.

"About a fortnight ago we were travelling across the island and the smaller trees were looking distressed and brown, it was looking pretty sad."

While the rain may be disappointing news for some tourists visiting the island, Mr Anderson said it would make for a smoother ride and is being welcomed by all the locals.

Mr Anderson said the wettest March he's seen on the island was 469mm in 2012.



  • January: 36mm
  • February 23mm
  • March: 269mm


  • January: 184mm
  • Feb: 104mm
  • March: 136mm


  • January: 147mm
  • February: 228mm
  • March: 39mm

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