Dau Chol Dau leaves court after admitting to fraud this week.
Dau Chol Dau leaves court after admitting to fraud this week. Ross Irby

Fraudster's card trick for $1000 Chanel sunglasses

A MUSICIAN with an aspiring taste for glitzy French brands has been told to keep his nose clean after he was convicted of a $1000 sunglasses fraud.

Magistrate Brian Kucks warned Dau Dau his growing history for dishonesty would likely result in a jail term if he offended again - and it meant that he should not even pee in the street.

Mr Kucks said Dau used some planning to "diddle" the Gold Coast Chanel fashion store.

Dau Chol Dau, 22, a musician and concrete worker from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to committing fraud at the Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Boutique at Pacific Fair, Broadbeach on July 10.

The court heard Dau used details of two bankcards to carry out the fraud, pocketing a pair of sunglasses valued at $990. Apparently later trying to return them for a refund

Police prosecutor Ricky Tsoi said Dau had been on a probation order at the time for similar offending.

Defence lawyer Dylan Hans sought a community service work order that would "dovetail" with Dau's existing supervised probation order for the next six months.

He conceded there had been a level of sophistication in what Dau did.

Mr Hans said Dau worked at a concrete manufacturing company and earned additional income as a musician.

He said Dau was born in Sudan and arrived in Toowoomba as a 10-year-old.

Dau lives with his mother and his income contributes to the household bills, the court was told.

While on probation before this offence he had taken part in a clothing store project.

Mr Tsoi said the police sought $990 restitution.

"It would appear from police facts that you used a bit of thought to attend the store and attempted to pay with a bankcard that didn't work," Mr Kucks said.

"You came back with another card, having staff distracted so you could diddle the system.

"It took a serious bit of effort to get all that organised. You were on a probation order for five like offences.

"The first condition of the order is that you will not commit another offence, and you did."

Mr Kucks said Dau had been before the court on previous dishonesty charges, including a stint in jail for failing to comply with his bail conditions.

He asked Dau if he wanted to go to jail as there were decent meals and television: "A pretty good life".

Dau shook his head in response.

Mr Kucks said if he did not think it was a good life then he should not offend because he, by his offending behaviour, was seemingly begging to go into jail.

He ordered Dau to complete 200 hours community service.

"You must not commit another offence, all the way down to peeing in the street," Mr Kucks warned.

"This is a sentence of last resort before a prison term is imposed. If you want choice where you sleep at night then keep your nose clean and comply with the court orders."

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