Harmony Mills looks as sweet as a lollipop.
Harmony Mills looks as sweet as a lollipop.

Camp all fun and games for riders

THEIR end-of-year camp proved to be an out-of-the-ordinary experience for members of the Hervey Bay Active Riders.

Swimming laps of the horses’ bath tubs, dressing up as unicorns and lollipops and singing the night away with karaoke was all part of the weekend’s entertainment.

Organisers say the highlight of the two-day event, held last weekend at the clubs Lower Mountain Road grounds, was the fancy dress competition, which saw Harmony Mills aptly dress her adorable pony Lollipop as an actual lollipop and princess Cassie Nolan hoofed it on her unicorn Twistie.

Sunday’s activities took another twist with a horse back water treasure hunt, horse shoe throwing, apple eating and jelly baths.

Even the president didn’t get away scot free after being attacked by water bombs.

End of year results:

Sporting Points: Over 25, Andy Johnston; runner up, Jennifer Nolan.

Under 25: Kate Bassett; runner up, Lisa Huston.

Under 14: Danielle Wearing-Smith; runner up, Amy Kuilboer.

Under 10: Hayley Kuilboer, Runner Up, Jamie-Lee August

Dressage: Under 18: Madison Wroe

18 and over: Leandra Hulst

Hacking: Under 18: Danielle Wearing-Smith

18 and over: Deonnie Whitaker

Senior Most Improved Rider 2009: Linda Kozaczynski: Junior Most Improved Rider 2009: Hayley Kuilboer. Senior Clubman 2009: Sue Edward. Junior Clubman 2009: Madison Edward.

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Rory's got what it takes to lead

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