Leucanthemum (little angel) performs well.
Leucanthemum (little angel) performs well.

Gardens need some attention

WITH many Australians thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather, at the same time as praying for some rain, many gardens are in need of some attention to promote healthy growth, avoid the many problems that can spoil that growth, and start new projects.

So, let's start with some preventative ideas to keep everything looking good and growing well.


Keeping pests away

Citrus trees can do with a good clean up at this time, so spray with PestOil to rid them of any remaining leafminers, which will also clean up scale and aphids.

Sucking insects cause so much damage to our otherwise healthy plants, so let's stop them before they start.

We have found Confidor, both liquid and tablet forms, very effective in keeping aphids, azalea lace bug, mealybug, greenhouse thrips, hibiscus flower beetle, soft scale, sap-sucking bugs, psyllids and many more in their right place - out of our garden.

This is an excellent spot treatment for those pests, and into the bargain is perfect for indoor plants or those on the veranda or patio - and the aerosol container can be turned upside down to treat under the leaves and other awkward spaces, which is an enormous help, and as it has low toxicity is not hard on the good insects like ladybirds.

Whatever you do, don't overlook the tablet form.

These can be used to protect azaleas both in-ground or pots from azalea lace bug (up to six months), lillypillies from psyllids (four months), potted palms from mealybugs (six months), magnolias from scale (three months) and more.


Plant of the week

If you love daisies, the delightful leucanthemum (little angel) will fill a special sunny spot in your garden, producing hosts of its starry, golden centred white flowers from late winter through spring and summer.

Little Angel is a recent new improved form of the popular shasta daisy that we all enjoyed for so many years, due to their hardiness and easy growing.

They are perennials here, make excellent cut flowers, attract butterflies, love a sunny situation, make good borders, and grow very well in planter bowls that can be moved around the outdoor living areas.


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