LETTER: Gendered toys limit potential of boys and girls

LETTER TO EDITOR: Christmas is looming and with it comes the toy marketing catalogues still sectioned into boys and girls, the latter blazoned in pink.

It is disturbing that in this day and age our society continues to use toys to socialise children into conforming to rigid gender roles.

While it is true that cultural gender stereotyping is projected onto children in numerous ways from infancy, gendered toys reinforce those roles and norms.

Boys toys are usually associated with fighting, aggression and education (soldiers, guns, science) whereas girls toys are invariably associated with attractiveness, nurturing and domestic skills (cosmetic kits, baby dolls, tea sets).

Such overt social engineering limits the potential of both boys and girls, but without a doubt it is more harmful for girls when they are given dolls that come with nappies and training potty.

To brainwash a little girl into believing that changing dirty nappies is a fun thing to do is surely child abuse.

Where are the feminists?

- Merike Johnson, Kawungan

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