Mayoral candidate Chris Couper.
Mayoral candidate Chris Couper.

Meet your division 9 and 10 candidates


Councillor George Seymour.
Councillor George Seymour. Alistair Brightman

I HAVE served on council 2012 to 2016, a previous solicitor, disability support worker and management of youth homeless shelter.

I am hard working and experienced.

I will continue to work hard to ensure that the council listens to the community.

We need to continue to look for savings to help reduce the cost of living.

I voted against the allocation of $10 million for this. We are extremely fortunate to have a range of very rare heritage places that should be preserved for future generations. The council needs to listen to the business community and increase our local buy percentage.

The foreshore is a key public space for people of all ages to enjoy.

I believe the next council should significantly increase the budget allocated to building footpaths for safety and helping to promote pedestrian friendly communities.

I am very optimistic about our future and look forward to working with the community to ensure that we are a sustainable and prosperous region.



RESIDENT of the Fraser Coast for 33 years, accomplished businesswoman with previous experience as a Maryborough councillor and 16 years of working in business and industry development with the Queensland State Government.

I am accountable, reliable, ethical and committed to listening to the people.

I would vote for the immediate establishment of standing committees.

Any future rates increases within the term restricted to a maximum of CPI and an increase in the pensioner rebate.

Stop further expenditure on development of the sport precinct until a full business plan is undertaken.

Preservation of The Original Maryborough Township site and other iconic heritage buildings. Assist businesses by removing paid parking. Restrain further foreshore beautification and improve other areas of the region.

Footpaths, kerbing and sealing of suburban streets will be my priority.

The future of the region relies on the people voting for independent thinking candidates like myself.



Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper

I AM a businessman for over 40 years, father of seven kids and seven grandkids

I am hard working, highly motivated with good handle on council affairs, ran for mayor in 2012.

I will listen to the people and be their voice in council and push to control spending. Help control excess spending and push in council to keep rates from rising out of control. No to the sports precinct in its present form.

People don't like being pushed into something like this without proper consultation. Heritage is an important part of the region and great when promoted for tourism - hands off Old Maryborough site.

Attract small and big business to region with new positive attitude, give incentives, make new business owners welcome. Protect the environment without radical views.

The key point for any council to maintain roads, sewers etc but also necessary infrastructure is of vital importance to ratepayers without unnecessary spending leading to higher rates. If we get a positive council elected it undoubtedly will lead to a brighter future.



I AM the current councillor for Division nine. Former police officer and police prosecutor. Community ambassador for the Brisbane Roar, President of Football Wide Bay and KSS Jets. Married with three children.

Greater assistance to pensioners by increasing the pensioner rebate from $150 to $200. Ensure that rates levied are determined based on the needs and expectations of the community. I support the Sports Precinct and have done so at every opportunity during the last term.

I will continue to promote the tourism value of our heritage with a focus on the Fraser Coast Military Trail, museums and the heritage story of Maryborough.

Business is strongest when consumer and community confidence is high. I will also advocate for the Council local spend policy with an aspiration of 85% spent locally.

Continue with a well balanced approach to activation of the foreshore, focusing on our key tourism and business nodes of Scarness, Torquay, Pialba and Urangan.



I AM an energetic and passionate local since 1978, who has extensive knowledge, qualifications and more than 20 years' experience in business, IT, advertising, marketing, graphic and website design; tourism, hospitality, event management plus I am also a personal trainer & life coach.

I aim to promote and uphold accountability, honesty, leadership, professionalism, common sense and responsible decisions in the best interests of community requests and requirements.

My key promise is to consult the community, listen to the people, independent voting, responsible spending, strong voice and integrity.

I'll aim to review and prevent rates rises other than CPI.

The sport precinct is currently not viable due to lack of $56 million in finance.

Respect and save our heritage. Reduction and review of all expensive and unnecessary council charges on businesses.

Preserve and maintain the erosion-prone shoreline, focus on implementing the council-endorsed $7.2 million rock wall.

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