BEST MAN FOR THE JOB: One reader who supported Tony Abbott says Liberals should now back Malcolm Turnbull.
BEST MAN FOR THE JOB: One reader who supported Tony Abbott says Liberals should now back Malcolm Turnbull. LUKAS COCH

LETTER TO THE ED: Get behind the prime minister

LET me emphasise that never have I hidden my utmost respect for Tony Abbott as both a person and a prime minister, nor will I now.

However for the past few months of his prime ministership, to me it came without a doubt abundantly clear that he had little to no chance of leading the Coalition to another victory.

He had unfortunately lost his way with the mainstream media and little was being achieved in every debate with political interviewers.

He constantly lost argument after argument and would never have won the next election without them on his side.

Consequently it's a given that any leader of an Australian political party who is consistently behind in the polls "for a lengthy period" (such as he was) will be replaced by the party prior to an election.

I don't doubt for a moment that Tony Abbott was doing his best but if he was a ship's captain, hired on a three-year contract, and was steering the ships towards rocks, would it be so unfair to grab the wheel from him? Of course not.

Malcolm Turnbull, who is a better communicator and performer in government, is now the person to lead his party and defeat Labor at next year's election.

Albeit with some sadness, I accept and welcome the change in leadership to Mr Turnbull.

It's taken me a little while but I can honestly say that I'm comfortable with him in the new role and believe he will be an outstanding and successful prime minister.

He now has the opportunity to stabilise the government and engage with the population and then it'll be game over for Labor at the 2016 election.

Let's face it, Bill Shorten has absolutely nothing going for him and there's no one at the moment fit to lead Labor. All Mr Turnbull has to do is just turn up and he'll win.

It doesn't bother me now, although it's always sad to see someone lose their position in the manner that Mr Abbott did, but Mr Turnbull is the best bet there is to knock Mr Shorten off his perch.

The thought of him being our prime minister certainly does bother me.

Mr Turnbull is a self-made man, he knows how to be innovative, creative and build wealth. As for those taking shots at his wealth and supposed greed - how childish.

If he was only looking out for himself he would be back in the private sector amassing zillions. The PM's salary is chicken feed to him.

I wish him the best and hope all in the Liberal Party get behind him as the alternative is almost a death wish.

- BILL LOUDON, Bargara

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