Girl, 4, egged in eye

AN IDIOT driver was left with egg on his face yesterday when he crashed his car moments after throwing an egg through the window of a passing vehicle.

A four-year-old girl screamed to her mother that she had glass in her eye after the flying egg hit her on the face.

She was not injured apart from some scratches around her eye, which were “still a bit red” last night.

Urangan mum Karren Hill was going to the shop for chlorine when the 17-year-old driver of an oncoming car chucked an egg into the back seat of her car about 3pm.

After confirming her daughter’s wellbeing and getting her 11-year-old daughter to care for her, Ms Hill turned her car around and went after the offender.

“I went after him for his number plate,” she said.

“When they realised I was chasing them, they put the foot down.

“I thought I had lost them. Then I saw him swerve to avoid other cars and the car went down a drain.”

The car was damaged significantly when it went off the road near the intersection of Colyton and Bideford streets but none of its three teenage occupants are believed to have been injured.

“They are very lucky they had their seat belts on,” Ms Hill said.

Along with letting them know what she thought of their egg-throwing antics, Ms Hill also checked the three people were OK.

“They had a lot of eggs in the car,” Ms Hill said. “They just don’t realise the possible consequences.”

Police, ambulance and fire brigade officers attended the scene, as did the driver’s parents who had left town to go on holidays.

Sergeant Andrew Roff last night said police would carry out further inquiries today.

She said the driver had told her he had been trying to hit the back of her car and he had got the eggs after his car had been egged.

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