A YOUNG girl holds her arms over her head to protect herself from the violent blows from another girl.

She then falls onto the ground and her attacker drags her by the hair, and then stomps on her, before she walks casually away.

The shocking assault was captured on video and shared on social media of the attack at Melbourne's Sunshine station, in full view of dozens of commuters.

Witnesses said the attack was racially motivated and the attacker was heard screaming racial abuse before the assault began.

However, one person responding to the video on Facebook said the victim, an Asian girl, started "mouthing off" first and even approached her attacker screaming.

"There's always two sides to every story."

After the assault, the girl sits up and holds her head in her hands while the attacker boards a train with friends.

The victim then also boards a train after she fixes her hair.

The fact only one man came to help the girl horrified many of the people who left messages after the video.

"I can't believe in such a crowded place only 1 man came to her aid!!!," Leanne Grace wrote.

"...Why didn't anybody step in to help the girl? Are we becoming a nation of cowards? Looks that way," said Cliff Dacey.

And Donna Fowler summed up the attitude of many with this message: "One person out of all those people actually has morals and steps in and helps the young girl but why didn't anyone go over to her and offer some help? What a hard world we live in, really lacking empathy."

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