Jason Daron Mizner pictured in a Thai prison.
Jason Daron Mizner pictured in a Thai prison.

Man muzzled, raped crying baby


A PREDATORY child rapist who filmed himself sexually assaulting a two-year-old girl has been sentenced to 19 years' jail.

Convicted paedophile and Gold Coast yoga teacher Jason Daron Mizner, 44, pleaded guilty in the Brisbane District Court to 65 child-sex offences involving a two-year-old girl in the early 2000s.

The offences included maintaining a relationship with a child, rape, attempted rape and making child exploitation material.

Jason Daron Mizner.
Jason Daron Mizner.

They involved videotaping the repeated assault of the baby, who the court heard was still in nappies, over three months at a Gold Coast home more than a decade ago.

The court heard the offending was uncovered when Mizner went on a holiday to Thailand and left a bag of possessions at the home.

In the bag, the baby's mother found the recordings of the child, a folder with pages containing the names of children, including her daughter's name, and several handwritten notes detailing "how to target and kidnap children for child exploitation material".

By the time the shocking discovery was made, Mizner had decided to stay in Thailand and had befriended a local woman before beginning to sexually assault her baby daughter.

The court today heard the bag also contained a list of the names of single mothers and their addresses and plans to start a child-exploitation ring.

When sentencing Mizner for the Gold Coast offences, Judge Leeanne Clare said: "You did not abduct a random victim from the street. You did not rip her apart or violently beat her. This is a different kind of evil".

Judge Clare told Mizner he became close with the woman so he could rape her child.

The judge took into consideration the fact Mizner was convicted of the similar shocking child-sex offences in Thailand and served 11 years of a 35-year sentence overseas.

Mizner was arrested by Australian authorities when he arrived back in Brisbane after being released from the Thai jail in 2016 and has been on remand since then.

Judge Clare today sentenced him to a head sentence of 19 years' jail but he will not be eligible for parole until 15 years' of the sentence have been served.

She earlier this week adjourned the sentencing after watching the horrific video of the acts, saying she wanted to avoid the recordings "overwhelming" her judgement.

"It goes without saying that any rape is abhorrent and the rape of a child is particularly vile," Judge Clare said today.

"It is rare, in my experience, for rapists to film the assault, most offences are described only in words.

"The same acts do not become more serious because the court has seen them on film.

"The aggravating feature here is that you chose to record these things. You chose to memorialise the degradation and suffering of your victim."

The court heard the recordings showed the baby crying for help.

"You recording shows her crying for her mother, it shows her fear … When you could not calm her, you muzzled her," Judge Clare said.

"It was the baby's mother who found the recordings. That content would be excruciating for most people …

"I only watched a portion and it has been a battle to get the vision of your offending out of my head.

"I am someone who had been exposed professionally to extreme cases of child abuse for 30 years.

"I cannot imagine the horror of it for (the baby's) mother."

Jason Daron Mizner pictured in a Thai prison.
Jason Daron Mizner pictured in a Thai prison.

Crown Prosecutor Sarah Farndon had earlier in the week asked for Mizner to be sentenced to life behind bars.

His defence team argued his sentenced should be reduced to 18 years given the fact he had pleaded guilty to the offences and already served time in jail in Thailand.

"You are a predator," Judge Clare told Mizner today.

"The Queensland offending was calculated.

"You targeted a victim, created and maintained the opportunity to abuse her by manipulating her mother.

"You induced the mother to trust you with what was most precious to her. It was a devastating betrayal of that trust.

"You acted only in secret. Those things took organisation, planning and patience, the abuse was depraved and callous."

Mizner cannot apply for parole until 2031.

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