Daphne Conley shot over the handle bars of her scooter and landed straight into Bi-Lo's lolly and chocolate display.
Daphne Conley shot over the handle bars of her scooter and landed straight into Bi-Lo's lolly and chocolate display.

Gran joins fight to save hospital

MARYBOROUGH’S Daphne Conley bit off more than she could chew when her hand locked into the Go position on her scooter on Tuesday and she shot over the handle bars straight into Bi-Lo’s large lolly and chocolate display.

“The government better not take away our Maryborough Hospital or think about downgrading it even more after what I went through yesterday,” a badly bruised and cut Ms Conley, 86, said from her retirement home bed.

“I have never seen such a busy hospital. I was in there from quarter to 12 until 9.30 at night getting checked out and fixed up. We absolutely need that hospital.”

In Monday’s Chronicle Maryborough GP Paul Cotton warned that the government planned to further downsize the hospital and said Fraser Coasters needed to rally to save the iconic institution.

But health service boss Beth Norton said there were no plans to downgrade services at the hospital.

Recently widowed Daphne Conley’s daughter Linda Conley, who rushed to Maryborough’s A and E after getting a phone call about her mother’s confrontation with the lolly stand, agreed with her mum.

“I got to the hospital around 10am and sat in the small waiting room, which was crowded.

“When the ambulance brought in Mum, it was about 11.45am and she’d been sitting on the floor of Bi-Lo for an hour-and-a half because the ambulances were so busy.

“Mum is a big woman so no one could get her off the floor but she says the Bi-Lo staff were wonderful to her.”

Linda said Daphne was taken inside the A and E when she arrived in the ambulance.

“Every cubicle was full and there were people on trolleys in the aisle.

“It was quite mad. Doctors and nurses were running, even middle-aged doctors. The staff were working beyond human endurance.

“They put Mum on a trolley at the end of the aisle with a screen around her.

“A nurse told me they couldn’t take her to Hervey Bay Hospital because they were flat out there too and besides, she believed, everyone had run out of trolleys.

“So we just waited but the staff were terrific.

“Maryborough is growing.

“We’re not shrinking here and we need a proper, fully resourced, fully staffed hospital.

“Staff working like they were yesterday and patients waiting as long as my mum did means we need more at Maryborough.”

Ms Norton said yesterday that “Queensland Health understands that any illness or injury can cause great anxiety. However, Christmas is a traditionally busy time for all emergency departments”.

“At Maryborough Hospital, there has been a 15 per cent increase in presentations at the emergency department – to 558 patients between December 24 to 2pm (yesterday) – compared with last year.

“There were 485 presentations in the same period last year.

“Patients are treated according to clinical urgency using The Australasian Triage Scale.”

Yesterday Bi-Lo rang to say staff planned to take a load of chocolates up to bed-ridden Ms Conley.

‘ She’d been sitting on the floor of Bi-Lo for an hour-and-a-half because the ambulances were so busy’

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