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Wood and brass judges gavel on a law book serggn

Grandfather on trial for sexual abuse to young granddaughter

A ROCKHAMPTON grandfather has been accused of maintaining a sexual relationship with his granddaughter over an eight-year period.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, yesterday pleaded not guilty to the charge at Rockhampton District Court.

Crown prosecutor Joshua Phillips told the jury that at the height of the alleged offending, there was penile vaginal penetration.

He said during the course of the trial the jury will hear a recording of a telephone conversation between the defendant and his daughter - the victim's mother.

During that phone conversation, questions about the allegations were put to the defendant.

"What he confessed on the call was that in essence he had a sexual interest in his young granddaughter," Mr Phillips said.

"He played it down and said that he had only asked her to drop her strides but then woke up to himself and didn't do anything else with her."

Mr Phillips said the defendant "used the cover of babysitting" to access his alleged victim and carried out the abuse while his then wife was outside.

Mr Phillips said the victim's brother was distracted by way of toys.

He said at one point, when the granddaughter was a teenager, the defendant tried to access her at school under the guise of a medical visit with the girl's parents' knowledge.

Mr Phillips said the granddaughter alleges the abuse started when she was six years old in the mid-2000s and occurred more often during the early days of the eight-year period.

The victim, her mother, father, grandmother, friend and former boyfriend are expected to give evidence during the trial.

The trial continues today.

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