Maryborough grandfather wants pedophile named and shamed

A MAN whose granddaughter was the victim of a pedophile wants tougher laws for child-sex offenders, including allowing the media to name and shame the offenders.

Under Queensland law, the identity of child-sex offenders must be suppressed if revealing the name could lead to identifying the victim.

"Most victims see the law in its present form as only protecting the pedophile's identity," the man told the Chronicle.

He believes, and other members of his family agree, that if the family consents to the pedophile being named, the public should be able to be informed.

"How about the law throws the book at them, then plasters their faces all over the country for all parents to see?" he asked.

The grandfather lives and works in Maryborough and wanted to speak on the record about the incident that devastated his family.

He wanted to give his name, but as this could also lead to the identification of his granddaughter, the same laws protecting her identity apply.

"My nine-year-old granddaughter was sexually taken advantage off by a paedophile ... the other grandfather," he said.

The offender was sentenced in Hervey Bay District Court on February 1.

The court confirmed the offender received a sentence of 12 months, but only three months of that was spent behind bars.

"This predator has now walked away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, while the nine-year-old child still can't sleep without a light on during the night ," the man said.

"Judges have the power to give a maximum sentence yet some choose not to.

"In my granddaughter's case, the Magistrate gave him only three months jail.

"Why, when this child will live with the horror for the rest of her life?"

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