GRAPHIC: Bay mum films brutal dolphin hunt

HERVEY BAY'S Liz Carter witnessed something she says will traumatise her forever.

The mum and business owner travelled to Taiji, Japan, to watch and film the brutal annual dolphin hunt.

She returned recently having spent most of January this year in the small Japanese Coastal town.

Each year, hundreds of dolphins and small whales are captured and slaughtered.

Many are sold into captivity, to be displayed at aquariums and marine parks in parts of the world.

Australian parks, such as Sea World, do not house dolphins captured in Taiji.

The hunt first came to global attention through the Oscar winning documentary, The Cove.

Mrs Carter said despite the brutal nature of her trip, she feels a strange affinity with Taiji.

She said this was due to the bond she felt with the dolphins at risk there and her work in raising awareness of their plight.