Greg back in fighting form

HERVEY Bay skipper Greg Cook has come back fighting after thieves boarded his charter boat and stole all his fishing gear.

The boat, Fighting Whiting, was raided at Torquay last week and Mr Cook had to cancel fishing trips after $5000 worth of equipment, including rods, reels, knives and safety gear, was stolen.

But Mr Cook's business is back up and running now, thanks to some generous residents.

“I wish to thank the good people of Hervey Bay for their generosity,” Mr Cook said. “Hervey Bay is known for having wonderful people living here and through their generosity we are now fully trading again, in only a matter of days.” The thieves boarded the Fighting Whiting, which was moored off shore, from their own vessel during the night.

Under the cover of darkness, they stole everything of a value and left Mr Cook with nothing.

But friends and strangers have helped him restock, providing him with rods, reels, handlines, sinkers and hooks. His suppliers have also allowed him unlimited time to pay for new equipment.

“It really restores my faith in the people of Hervey Bay,” he said.

Over the weekend he took out two fishing groups, including nine men on a buck's party.

“They had an absolute ball.”

Mr Cook, who has a wife and three kids to support, is now looking toward the future and has not given up hope police will make an arrest.

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