Channel 10's Greg Rust.
Channel 10's Greg Rust.

Greg Rust has a Gem of a driving start

NOT only is he Channel Ten's motorsport aficionado, Greg Rust can steer a bit himself.

We caught up with Rusty to talk about his motoring past and present.

What was your first car and what happened to it?

My dad helped me buy a beige 1979 Holden Gemini SLX. I thought I knew about basic maintenance. I wouldn't say I knew a heap about cars, but I did little things like sports exhaust and extractors. I eventually lunched the engine doing silly things…so dad had to rescue me.

The Gemini was eventually written off. I was about 600m from Mum and Dad's place and in the early morning sunlight a lady coming down the hill turned into me.

What cars did you family have while you were growing up?

Dad had a '79 Charger, red, white and black. I just thought that was the bees knees because it was a two-door. But we owned a selection of things including Falcons that Dad had as company cars, several Commodores, and one that stands out is Mum's buttercup-yellow Toyota Corona station wagon.

What is your current drive?

VW Golf GTi, and I love it. That is the first turbo four I owned. My best mate from high school has owned several and I just knew how good they were and how enjoyable they were to drive. For a daily commute it is perfect. The family runabout for my wife and two kids is a Holden Captiva.

What is your biggest frustration on the road?

I hate indecision. I wish we were a lot more like Europe in the way we drive on the road and also the way we go about offering licences to people. I am a big believer in advanced driver training. I have seen it save lives and people make good decisions because they have done a course like that.

What is your dream car?

I have always loved the Porsche 911 and I would dearly love to own one of those. My bucket-list thing would be to restore an early '70s model, probably a '72-'74…thereabouts. I would want it largely original.

Who would you like to take on a road trip?

I would like to have met Steve McQueen. But I have fond memories of our trips with the 10 commentary team to Bathurst, so going up with Leigh Diffey, Daryl Beattie and Barry Sheene. We always had fun.


Who: Greg Rust.

Born: July 19, 1970.

Resume: Motor racing commentator and the front man for Australia's coverage of Formula One and MotoGP on the Network Ten and One HD. His love for motorsport started as a kart racer and went on to take class wins in rally sprints and khanacrosses.

See him: At 9.30 most Saturday or Sunday nights during the motorsport season on Channel Ten/One.

The Greg Rust (right) with his siblings and the buttercup yellow family wagon.
The Greg Rust (right) with his siblings and the buttercup yellow family wagon.

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