Aldershot residents to fight mine

ALDERSHOT citizens concerned about the potential addition of a coal mine to their residential landscape are set to form a lobby group tonight.

About 60 residents from in and around the township, north of Maryborough, attended an information session hosted by the Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council last weekend.

“We’re not disputing the potential to create jobs or the economic stimulus but we feel obliged to inform people about possible damage to the environment and potential health risks,” WBBCC co-ordinator Emma-Kate Currie said.

“Obviously people want the jobs. What we are asking people to do is weigh up both sides.”

Ms Currie said a host of concerns and comments were raised during a two-hour discussion at Aldershot hall on Saturday morning, leading to a meeting this evening of concerned residents.

She said a 3km distance between some Aldershot homes and the site where Brisbane-based Northern Energy Corporation proposed to mine five million tonnes of high-quality coking coal during the next 10 years was an issue.

WBBCC has also raised concerns about the removal of vegetation, the management of water discharges and the prevention of water contamination – concerns it hopes to have addressed through a meeting with NEC representatives on Friday, April 30.

NEC will meet with concerned residents the day before to address concerns.

NEC also hosted two public information sessions in Maryborough and Howard earlier this month when issues like vegetation, noise pollution and dust management were addressed.

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