Officials and players receive club sanctions.
Officials and players receive club sanctions. LETTINI ISABELLA

GUILTY: Club officials and players receive club suspensions

RUGBY LEAGUE: Two Hervey Bay Seagulls officials are questioning their involvement with their club after being found guilty by a rugby league tribunal of conduct which is likely to bring the game into disrepute.

The verdict was delivered at a hearing on Monday evening despite the officials claiming they had not previously been made aware they were facing charges.

The Chronicle previously reported they had been stood down from the club after post-match altercation in the dressing room.

The officials were involved in breaking up a disturbance after one player allegedly started assaulting a team mate.

Called to a meeting at the club along with the players allegedly involved, the two officials claim they were unaware it was to be a disciplinary tribunal hearing.

They claim they were taken aback and questioned the panel to identify the rules they had allegedly breached.

According to the officials, the panel advised they did not have this information available to them.

They also claim they and the players involved did not have the opportunity to hear the allegations against them or present information or evidence from witnesses supporting their side of the story before a decision was reached.

Queensland Rugby League has clear rules set for tribunal hearings including, details of the nature of the complaint alleged, the evidence that the Administration Unit has had regard to in determining to charge the alleged perpetrator, the date, time and place of the Disciplinary Tribunal meeting to hear the charge.

At the conclusion of the hearing the panel handed a one-match suspension for each of the two players involved.

A one-match suspension, suspended for six months was handed down for one official, while the other official received a four-match suspension, suspended for six months.

Both match officials involved were disappointed by the outcome and in particular, the club's handling of the matter.

The Chronicle has since learned one of the players involved will not return to play football for the remainder of the season as a result of the initial alleged altercation.

Both officials have also advised they are considering the options available to them to pursue the matter further.

The club was contacted on Tuesday for comment.

A spokesman said "we understand that it could have been handled better and will look into our processes moving forward".

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