DEVASTATING: Missing American bulldog Bruno had his remains found.
DEVASTATING: Missing American bulldog Bruno had his remains found.

’GUT-WRENCHING’: Remains found from missing Bruno

ALMOST a year since american bulldog Bruno went missing his owners are devastated after uncovering remains.

The family's purebred was last seen on their 16ha Mount Maria property on Christmas Day.

Earlier this week owner Michelle Mullings was given anonymous information that lead to finding skeletal remains.

A vet identified the bones as an american bulldog that had the same crooked jaw as Bruno.

"It was absolutely gut-wrenching," Mrs Mullings said.

"No one wanted this outcome."

Mrs Mullings said the remains were found in dense bushland in the Gladstone Region.

She said she believed Bruno died some time ago given the bones.

Mrs Mullings said she never expected this outcome.

"You stay positive and this outcome definitely it doesn't cross your mind and you keep looking," she said.

"Shock sets in when you're faced with that kind of outcome. It's unbelievable."

Ms Mullings lost another dog a month-and-a-half ago to a king brown snake.

She said that after the two deaths she would not own another dog.

"I've been offered from breeders bulldog pups, bulldogs who have to be rehomed," Ms Mullings said.

"Bruno's not replaceable and I never want to go through this again."


Mrs Mullings is still offering a $5000 cash reward for anyone who can provide information about what happened to Bruno.