James Hansen takes a crack at FCO

FRASER Coast Opportunities has remained firmly in the critical spotlight, with more questions about its success raised by councillors at the budget meeting.

Dairy farmer and rural councillor James Hansen raised the possibility of cutting the funding agreement between the Fraser Coast Regional Council and FCO.

Cr Hansen said merging the organisations would save ratepayers $700,000 a year.

At Wednesday's budget meeting in Maryborough, Cr Hansen again raised his personal concerns about FCO and questioned the success of the organisation.

"I believe FCO should be brought back under council control," he said.

"FCO (is) yet to achieve any measurable results."

Clearly tired of the issue, councillor Trevor McDonald questioned the point of discussing the issue: "will this be the last time?"

"We voted on it half a dozen times." But Cr Hansen persisted, and suggested moving back to the old agreements of council controlling the organisation.

"I am yet to be convinced they're achieving results," Cr Hansen finalised.

FCO general manager David Spear said the politically natured comments were a matter for FCO chairman Gerard O'Connell.

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