Pauline Hanson
Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson rejoins One Nation in bid for Senate seat

PAULINE Hanson, one of the most divisive personalities in Australian political history, has rejoined the party she founded and will stand for a New South Wales Senate seat on September 14.

It will be the former member for Oxley's seventh attempt at re-entering politics since she lost her seat at the 1998 election after a re-distribution.

During a press conference in Sydney on Monday to announce her candidacy, Ms Hanson said people were "fed up" with the major political parties.

"The people of Australia deserve a fair go, a government that takes genuine care of our own Australians first, no matter what race, colour or creed," Ms Hanson said.

"Australians must stand up and protest against political parties who lack the guts to do what is best for Australia and its people."

But Ms Hanson's views on immigration, which shot her to prominence in 2996, do not appear to have softened with time.

She said Australians wanted "clear direction" from its leaders on the issue.

"I don't believe they're really starting to look after the Australian people first and foremost," she said.

"We've got to start getting border protection back, looking after our own, clean up our own backyard first before we worry about everyone else around the world."

Ms Hanson said she was forced out of One Nation in 2002 but had been welcomed back with "open arms".

She said the party, which she founded in 1999, had the same "objectives and principles" it had at inception.

Asked about her repeated political comebacks in NSW and Queensland, Ms Hanson said: "It tells you I don't give up easily.

"Why throw the towel in? Why let them beat me? Yes, I've been in prison, trodden on, but I keep getting up."

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