Pensioner smashes neighbour's car

A PENSIONER who smashed his foe’s new car with a hammer told police he wanted to hurt the man, but decided to go for the car instead.

Leroy Corney appeared in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court charged with wilful damage for smashing the windscreen and front quarter panel of a car in the name of a neighbourhood dispute.

The court heard that on September 29, Leroy Corney drank a large quantity of beer and bourbon and sat outside the victim’s house in Zephyr Street, Scarness.

The resident arrived home in a new car that he’d bought that day, did not speak to Corney and went inside his home, the court was told.

He then heard smashing sounds coming from the street and looked outside his window to see Corney holding a large hammer.

Defence solicitor John Milburn said Corney suffered a number of medical problems, including heart disease, sleep apnoea and diabetes, and on that occasion hadn’t eaten or slept for several days.

“He certainly wasn’t behaving well or feeling well.”

He said his client understood that what he had done was a “totally inappropriate and pointless exercise” in the name of an ongoing dispute.

Corney had since “come to his senses” and paid the victim $500 for the damage he caused, Mr Milburn said.

When Corney was interviewed by police, he initially had denied damaging the car but officers found a large hammer marked with white paint flecks at his home, prosecutor Kathryn Stagoll said.

He later called police to apologise, telling them that he’d wanted to assault the victim but decided to take his frustrations out on the car instead.

Corney was convicted and fined $500.

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