Health pay bungle still a concern

DISTRESSED Queensland Health workers across the Fraser Coast are still not being properly paid by the government's bungled new payroll system.

QH started paying workers on a new computer system on March 8 and since then the system has rarely worked efficiently, often leaving staff with cents instead of dollars in their pay packets and sometimes nothing at all.

This week Fraser Coast workers approached the Chronicle to plead their case to Health Minister and Deputy Premier Paul Lucas.

“We cannot come out publicly and identify ourselves because we have been told we will lose our jobs if we talk to the media,” a Maryborough woman said yesterday.

“This nightmare has gone too far. I have only been paid correctly over the past five months perhaps 30 per cent of the time.

“My colleagues, including one man who only received 75 cents in his pay packet recently, are distressed, depressed and angry. But because we are all health professionals who genuinely care about our patients we feel we cannot strike.

“If we do, people will die.”

A man who works in Hervey Bay said he had had to borrow money against the wages he still has not received.

“I have borrowed from QH by phoning their hotline but the catch is that I have been given the loan less tax and when I do pay it back I will also have to pay interest,” the man said.

The Maryborough woman said QH was not listening.

“We are just a number to them and they have even told us not to expect this to be fixed until maybe Christmas.

“They just do not care what happens to us, our families.”

The Chronicle has asked Mr Lucas for a response. It will run tomorrow.

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