Health ‘turned around’ on Fraser Coast: Campbell Newman

PREMIER Campbell Newman has guaranteed Hervey Bay and Maryborough residents will continue to receive "world-class heath care" under his government.

He said a turnaround in health care across the state was one of the government's greatest achievements.

It has been two years this week since the Liberal National Party swept into power and in doing so registering the biggest win in Australian political history.

Mr Newman, talking exclusively to APN Newsdesk to mark the anniversary, said Queenslanders now had access to the best health system in the nation.

"At Maryborough and Hervey Bay the turnaround time for pathology is supported through new technology, with safeguards including daily monitoring," he said.

"Better co-ordination of intensive care services has maximised access and improved the utilisation of local facilities by local patients.

"In cancer treatment, joint replacement and oral health, local achievements are truly stunning.

"Waiting lists for endoscopies at Maryborough Hospital have reduced from two-and-a-half years to just four weeks.

"Hip and knee replacement surgery is being introduced at Maryborough for the first time, linked to a new rehabilitation unit, one of the best in Queensland."

Mr Newman said clinical services at local hospitals were being redesigned through hospital boards dedicated to improving health outcomes.

"Two years ago the health system was a shambles," he said.

"The results speak for themselves and that is something we are extremely proud of.

"Queenslanders should be proud that they are seeing their health service turned around."

Mr Newman did not shy away from the government's decision to cut 15,000 public sector jobs and the effect it had on people across the state.

He said the task of balancing the budget after winning office, and the subsequent effect it had, was the hardest decision he had to make.

"That meant a whole lot of people in the public servicelosing their jobs," he said.

"That was really tough on all the people concerned, their families and their friends.

Mr Newman claimed the government had achieved everything it said it would during its first term in office.

"We have got the economy going, created jobs and also reformed government so it is the best performing state government," he said.

"Queensland's economy is now out-performing other states.

"We are the lead economy nationally and all sorts of statistics support that."

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