Hervey Bay teen labelled 'thug' by stern judge

A HERVEY Bay teen with a criminal history of violence has been given one last chance by a judge who labelled him a "thug".

Now aged 18, the teen - who cannot be named because he was a juvenile at the time of offending - fronted Hervey Bay District Court on Thursday to be sentenced on his involvement in two group bashings.

On March 3 last year, surrounded by "15-20 people," the teen attacked a 17-year-old victim in Torquay.

The court heard the victim was someone the teen knew from school and had a grudge against.

The group chased the victim until he got into a car. A co-defendant, Alex George Edward Darnell, then punched the victim in the face while he sat in the car.

Darnell was sentenced last year to nine months imprisonment over the incident, immediately released on parole.

Then on March 20, the teen targeted an 18-year-old outside a fast food store in Pialba.

The defendant punched the victim in the face and arm.

A co-defendent of that incident, Nathaniel Kiah Tanner, was fined in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court last year for his involvement.

Defence barrister Phillip Hardcastle told the court the teen was now in a relationship which he said would give him a "fair chance of rehabilitation".

A stern Judge John Robertson told the teen he would be sent behind bars if he made one more wrong move.

"If you want to spend a lot of your young life in prison, then continue to behave like a thug," Judge Robertson said.

"Rest assured this will be your last chance."

The teen was sentenced to 15-months imprisonment with immediate parole.

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