Claws out on Facebook over $10 cat and kitten sale

A FACEBOOK post from the Hervey Bay Animal Refuge has sparked outrage in the community after the group declared all cats and kittens, many yet to be desexed, would be for sale for $10 this month.

Desexing vouchers were offered for $80 for a male cat and $120 for a female cat - but many people commenting on the post said that wasn't good enough, asking why desexing of the animals hadn't already been carried out.

On Tuesday those posts were deleted from the page, but debate still simmered as Fraser Coast animal rescue groups questioned the refuge's decision to let cheap, whole animals back into the community.

Chris Baker, from Fraser Coast Cat Rescue, said the group sold their cats for $150, which included immunisation, worming, registration and desexing.

She said the price put off people who weren't serious about looking after an animal or wanted to use cats for cruel purposes.

Ensuring the animal was desexed also stopped the cycle of breeding unwanted animals that would later be abandoned, Ms Baker said.

Former councillor Sue Brooks said selling undesexed cats cheaply would mean the supply of unwanted cats would continue to grow.

"Most rescue groups wish to go out of business," she said.

"They want to see a day when there is not a continual supply of unwanted pets that require saving."

Carol Russell, vice president of the Hervey Bay Animal Refuge, said the group was serious about desexing animals.

But many of the cats were too young to be desexed, Ms Russell said, and the vouchers gave owners the chance to buy a young kitten and desex it later when it was old enough, which was about five months.

She said most people chose to be responsible and did purchase the vouchers which would entitle them to desex the cats at one of two vets the refuge uses.

Ms Russell said the refuge had chosen to charge $10 because they had 18 kittens and six grown cats they needed to find homes for.

The refuge had a no-kill policy, Ms Russell said.

Some of the cats had been desexed, she said, while they had all been registered, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.

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