Home alone: Mum walks out on kids

A STRESSED-OUT single mum who left her kids home alone for three nights while she went on a binge has been ordered to perform 150 hours community service.

The 32-year-old Maryborough mother left her children, aged 10, 11 and 14, to fend for themselves between October 21 and October 24.

She appeared in the Maryborough Magistrates Court where she pleaded guilty to leaving her children unsupervised for an unreasonable period of time.

Prosecutor Sergeant Michael Quirk said the woman saw the kids off to school on the 21st before heading out to a pub where she got drunk.

The woman continued to drink excessively for the next three days, staying at motels for two nights and at a friend’s home the other night.

The children’s attempts to contact their mum were unsuccessful.

Defence solicitor Travis George said the woman was under extreme pressure at the time, was taking antidepressants and was struggling to cope with one of her children’s unruly behaviour.

Mr George said she had sought help from mental health services, her GP and the Department of Child Safety in the fear she would have a breakdown but was not given the help she needed.

“It all got too much on the morning of this offence,” Mr George said.

“The children’s behaviour was out of control.

“My client cracked and went on a bender.

“She drank to excess and came home to find her children gone.”

Mr George said the Department of Child Safety had since stepped in to help and the children were under alternative care until the end of the month, when they would be returned to their mother.

The woman had the support of her own mother and was not likely to re-offend, Mr George said.

Magistrate John Smith sentenced the woman to 150 hours unpaid community service and did not record a conviction.

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