OPINION: Should mums stay at home with their babies?

OPINION: To stay at home or not to stay at home?

That is the question every pregnant woman has to discuss, weigh up and decide on.

It's probably the most important decision of a woman's life, besides actually having the bundle of joy that has bought on such a conundrum.

I have done both, so I can safely say that neither is easy.

With my son, I returned to work when he was still a baby.

At the time, people questioned whether it was the right decision.

Then with my daughter, I decided I wanted to stay at home.

The interesting thing is I still had people question whether it is the right decision.

I mean, sure it's a sacrifice to have only one income come in, once paid parental leave dries up, but is that worth missing out on your child's development?

I was surprised when I was asked about my decision to stay at home.

Is this because we are so used to our generation of mothers returning to work?

Is it because our fore sisters have fought so hard for equal rights in the workplace, that it simply isn't enough for women to want to stay at home now?

I do sometimes miss the independence that comes with having a life outside of my family, but I'm in a very fortunate position where I get to work from home.

So my writing gives me enough of a justification that people no longer feel 'concerned' for my family's welfare because I just want to stay at home with my kids.

But what if I just wanted to stay at home, to be a mum. I see women throw around the terms 'domestic goddess' or 'home duties' when they disclose their employment status.

Well besides being a writer, I like to just say I'm a mum, and I'm all right with that.

I applaud any mother in her decision, no matter what it is.

We all do what's best for our family's situation and that's all that should matter.

Trish Hamilton is an author based in Hervey Bay.

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