Honesty appreciated and more counselling needed


A BIG thumbs up to the honest gentleman who found my purse on the floor of the fruit and vegetable section of Coles last Sunday.

Your help and that of the young cashier assistant was much appreciated, when returning my purse to me.

Once again, a huge thank-you.




I WENT to public schools, where I copped some bulling.

And gave some too.

After schooling I thought it had been a good thing to toughen us up, and to learn to have a sense of humour about ourselves.

However when it gets to the point where the best apparent solution is to take their own lives. All humour is gone.

What I suggest is an anti-bullying student union, with professional paid counsellors.

For public schools the government must provide this.

For private - you need to work this into your budget.

The kids need to vent their frustrations to sympathetic listeners, that understand their feelings.

This provides a massive release valve.

Kids - if you're wearing it, the best way to stop bullies is to show no reaction to their taunts.

If anything smile and tell them you love them.

Suddenly the group they're trying to impress will lose interest in their show and think you're one above them


Hervey Bay

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