Hoon hot spot under review

THEY have watched one errant driver slice frighteningly through a perimeter fence and knock bricks from the side of a house in Harrison Circuit.

They have seen another hoon driver’s car careen towards a house on Lakeside Court only to have its progress halted by a street culvert.

In September a burnout on Alexander Street at the entrance of Harrison Circuit ended in flames as the tyres caught fire.

Residents of the usually sedate Torquay suburb have again turned to the Fraser Coast council as patience wears thins and fears increase.

Some of them were back in the council chambers yesterday morning to hear if the council plans to come to their aid.

Councillors adopted a report rejecting the residents’ request to close part of Alexander Street between Harrison Circuit and Lakeside Court.

However, members offered hope to residents by agreeing to refer the problem to David Dalgleish’s rural and urban infrastructure portfolio to investigate traffic calming devices and bring a report to the December meeting of the council.

“Eventually someone is going to be killed,” Rob Cliff told the meeting.

“Residents are concerned about safety.”

Bruce Street resident Brian Cobb rued the day that Alexander Street had been connected to his street for access to the Harrison Circuit development.

He moved up from Brisbane 20 years ago to bring his children up in a more people-friendly environment.

A few weeks ago, while fixing his car his son had to leap to safety as another car sped along Bruce Street.

“For a little street, sometimes I believe I live on Boat Harbour Drive,” he said. “You only have to get one come around the corner and lose control in the wrong direction. It will happen it’s only a matter of time.”

Rob Antolik has resorted to calling the streets outside his house the Urangan race track.

“This road is used by young cyclists and mums with prams and people walking dogs,” he said.

The Fraser Coast council will also provide police with the results of a speeding survey carried out between September 24 and October 2.

Two vehicles were recorded travelling at 90kmh or more on Bruce Street, with five more moving between 80kmh and 90kmh.

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