Threats of tougher water restrictions if we don't cut it out

THE Fraser Coast needs to stop wasting water to keep the grass green or face a dire situation, Wide Bay Water has warned.

WBW chief executive officer Peter Care said water restrictions introduced on March 1 had not made a dent in the massive amount of water being used across the Fraser Coast despite a drought, and if nothing changed, we could face a ban on outdoor water use altogether.

"We don't have an option, the community has to cut down," Mr Care said.

"Otherwise we are going to be in a fairly dire situation in 12 months.

"What's more important, green gardens or water to drink?"

He warned if consumption did not fall, WBW would have no choice but to increase restrictions to ban outdoor water use.

Mr Care said the only place the extra water was going to was properties and gardens.

He said Hervey Bay used 22 megalitres on Monday alone.

This time last year, the city was using an average 13.5 megalitres per day.

In Maryborough, water usage has jumped to about 10 megalitres per day, compared to just under 7 megalitres one year ago.

Mr Care said water usage was stable across both cities until August, when usage began to skyrocket as dam levels dropped.

At an individual level, households on the Fraser Coast are using an average 633 litres per day.

WBW's target usage is 16 megalitres per day in Hervey Bay and 7 in Maryborough.

Water usage

  • Hervey is using about 22 megalitres (million litres) per day. The target use is 16 megalitres per day
  • Maryborough is using close to 10 megalitres per day, with a target of 7

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