How can one complaint shut down a business?

Widgee Engineering has been given two years to move or shut down.
Widgee Engineering has been given two years to move or shut down. Widgee Engineering Website

Letter to the Editor

THROUGH The Gympie Times I as a ratepayer would like to ask the council what the hell are they doing to our shire?

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Since being in office all we see is waste, waste and more waste. The way we see it as far as council are concerned there is only one area and that is Gympie, and just use the other areas as the money for every frivolous idea these people come up with.

Now I read that they are attacking the same people that pay rates that they squander in The Times was a working factory that has been going for 25 years and helping the little community it's in.

If these people have been okay until now why does one "no" vote against it give you reason to close it?

I see Mark McDonald has his say - would be better if he looked after the area that voted him in but, no, that's not done.

Next we have a beautiful family living here that have spent their lives providing a safe and secure home for children from broken homes etc the way this is done as well is by the horses they have.

Now you have the nerve to issue "get outs or be fined" to them.

What sort of council are you? Mick Curran, you of all people should know the benefits that these people do. Or don't you care?

The Harries are my neighbours and they have children that are the most well mannered around.

They work hard and you want to wreck their world. What would you like them to do with the children's horses and the fostered children too?

The area where these horses are is not used and the bush area they have cleaned up.

I have never been so disgusted with a council as I am with Gympie at this time.

Janet Patzwald,

Cooloola Cove

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