How to vote cards cause a stir as election draws close

HATE them or tolerate them - how to vote cards are as synonymous with elections as little pencils and a democracy sausage.

This year the little pieces or papers shoved towards you going into a polling booth are causing a stir among candidates.

Candidates handing out how to vote cards at the Hervey Bay Library have been outraged they are not allowed to retrieve used how to vote cards from the recycling bin in order to reuse them.

Division 6 candidate David Dalgliesh said in previous elections retrieving the how to vote cards for reuse had never been a problem.



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He said it was not only expensive to have the cards printed, but also harmful to the environment.

"We are trying not to waste them," Mr Dalgliesh said.

Division 9 candidate Jeanette Maynes started some discussion about not being able to reuse how to vote cards on a public Facebook group.

"How's this we are not allowed to recycle our flyers from the bin!! How environmentally friendly," she wrote.

One user replied suggesting there should be a special recycling bin for how to vote cards.

But, the Electoral Commission of Queensland said there is a good reason for candidates not to be allowed in the recycling bins.

"A key reason is that our bins may contain discarded ballot papers, which we need to retain and account for in the appropriate way," a spokesman said.

"The ECQ advises candidates and supporters to encourage voters to return their how to vote cards when they have completed voting, rather than throwing them in the bin."

So, those looking to help the environment should return the little pieces of paper back to the volunteers handing them out.

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