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Brisbane Supreme and District courts. Rae Wilson

Husband accused of killing his wife with a claw hammer

BLEEDING from the head, she was lying on the floor and could only mumble her words.

But despite the dire situation Joan Phillips found herself in, her husband has claimed she refused to let him call an ambulance.

The next day, police would find Mrs Phillips' dead body on the floor of her Bribie Island bedroom, draped in a blanket and supported by a blood-soaked pillow.

Her husband, Anthony John Phillips, told police after the gruesome discovery that he did not call an ambulance because he did not want to go against his 81-year-old wife's wishes.

A police interview played to the Supreme Court, where Phillips is on trial for murder, revealed Mr Phillips took numerous sleeping tablets after placing a blanket on his wife.

He told police if his wife was "going to go, he was going to go, too".

"You hit a person on the head with a hammer you don't expect them to live too long, do you?" he told police in the recorded interview.

Mr Phillips is accused of hitting his wife of 26 years with a claw hammer during a row in their Bongaree home.

Mr Phillips has claimed he was provoked by his wife, who came at him with the hammer before he grabbed it from her in a "tussle" as he lay in bed.

Mr Phillips, 71, told police he hit his wife two or three times with the hammer while she was on the floor.

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