Vegans are
Vegans are "vandalising" meat on sale in supermarkets by putting stickers containing pro-vegan anti meat messages on the packaging in the fridges. Picture: FacebookSource:Facebook

I don't eat meat but no need to guilt trip those who do

YOU won't see me standing outside a butcher shop holding placards against meat eaters but it doesn't mean I don't have strong views for my choices. 

There is always something new popping up from the vegan community and yes I understand they're passionate about animal welfare but I believe some of them go a bit overboard. 

Only recently it was reported that vegan activists slapped propaganda stickers on meat eaters favourite animal products to guilt shoppers our of buying meat products. 

On a local scale, a Facebook event Protest Against Using Camels As Rides, was created by a vegan activist after it was announced camels were coming to town for children rides. 

While the group got canned, the owner of the camels has brought them up from a young age, giving them  endless land to roam and graze and an abundance of pats and cuddles. 

When it comes to dieting I grew up eating animal products. 

This was until I experienced severe gut pains and was forced to get professional advice around my dieting. 

Eliminating foods was the only way to get to the bottom of the issue which was causing digestive problems. 

I ended up finding I felt a lot better without meat in my diet and for health reasons decided to give it up a couple of years ago. 

I have also watched documentaries about cruelty of animals and know it's not sustainable for the future so this is another reason I find it a healthier choice to cut out meat. 

This being said, I certainly don't believe we need to push them on anyone else. 

I have family who are strict vegans and vegetarians but you don't see them pushing their views on others to the point where guilt tripping comes in. 

You don't see meat eaters pushing their food choices on anyone else. 

I just find some people take it to the extreme. 

I would like to know what you think. Join the discussion and tell us below or email me

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