I have no regret over taking fluoride tablets: letter

I AM well aware that the fluoride debate has been a hot topic for several years and I have refrained from making any comments but have decided to put in my two cents worth.

Back in 1966 when I was expecting my first child I remember being told that taking a fluoride tablet daily during your pregnancy was good for the future dental health of your child.

I was determined that our children would not endure the pain and discomfort that my husband and I had suffered from having dentures fitted very early in our adult life.

These tiny pink fluoride tablets could be purchased from a chemist and I took one every day during both my pregnancies and then continued with both my sons and they had a little pinkie nightly when cleaning their teeth until the ages of ten years.

My eldest son who will be 50 next year has a real weakness for chocolate and has had several fillings and his wisdom teeth removed but his teeth are good and strong.

My youngest son has been very careful with his dental care and at the age of 40 went for his first ever dentist visit and dental check. This dentist was so sure that he would find many problems with this adult who had never been checked before and as my son tells it he searched, prodded and poked his teeth and gums and just shook his head out of sheer frustration when he could not find what he was looking for... my son just looked at him and said, "Fluoride, my mum believed in it even before I was born".

Just like immunisation there are those who doubt the benefits of fluoride and everything we eat today from fruit, vegetables, meat etc. there are poisons present in one form or another and I have read with interest the many and varied comments concerning fluoride over recent times.

I just know that whenever I see my sons bite into a crisp red apple that I have never regretted taking those little pink fluoride pills many decades ago.



Point Vernon

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