Splendour QandA will be ‘like going behind enemy lines’

HUMAN Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson will be reunited with ABC TV journalist Tony Jones at the Splendour Forum 2015.

Jones and Wilson recently had a heated debate about the appearance of Zaky Mallah in a previous episode of ABC panel program Q&A.

Human Rights commissioner Tim Wilson.
Human Rights commissioner Tim Wilson. Matthew Syres

Splendour's Q&A won't be broadcast on ABC TV, but punters can experience democracy live in action when Mr Wilson and Tony 'I'll take that as a comment' Jones are joined by Greens co-deputy leader Senator Larissa Waters, Liberal MP Wyatt Roy, Guardian columnist Van Badham and spy lawyer Bernard Collaery this Saturday at 2pm at The Forum.

Mr Wilson answered our questions ahead of his trip to Byron Bay.

Why did you accept to appear at Splendour Forum?

I like going behind enemy lines.

What question would you love to be asked in this kind of panel format?

I don't mind. I'm used to being asked difficult questions and giving answers people don't want to hear. But I prefer questions with good humour.

What music acts are you most keen to see?

None in particular. I'm not 'hip' and 'up' with the latest bands.

I look forward to hearing something new, it becoming my new favourite and downloading it within minutes to listen on the plane home.

Do you normally attend music festivals?

Normally? How often is normally? In practice rarely, but I have been to music festivals. The last one I went to was the Paleo Rock Festival just outside of Lyon in Switzerland.

Are you a regular Byron Bay visitor?

This will be the first time. If everyone is nice, the first of many.

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