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Lisa Weightman said calling in support for her mum had benefits for the whole family.
Lisa Weightman said calling in support for her mum had benefits for the whole family.

'I never thought support for Mum would help my whole family'

LISA Weightman understands just how important a helping hand can be.   

Her mother moved in with her after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.  

As her primary carer, Ms Weightman found herself looking after the person who had always looked after her.   

"My siblings and I did whatever we could to support Mum, but as her condition progressed, we realised we needed some additional support, which is when we contacted Blue Care," she said.   

While Blue Care was engaged to support her mother, she said its services had a positive impact on the entire family.   "When Mum's care needs changed we really struggled with the idea of how we were going to balance working full-time and being there for Mum," Ms Weightman said. 

  "Blue Care's regular visits empowered us to continue working, with the peace of mind that when we couldn't be there to support Mum, Blue Care was.   

"Mum was always a story-teller and loved to chat, so beyond supporting her with advice and assistance with the basics like showering and preparing food, she developed a real relationship with her carer.   

"That was really liberating for her as the visits started to become less about her condition and more like a social visit from a friend."   In addition to providing day-to-day support, Ms Weightman said Blue Care acted as a trusted advisor.   "As a family, we were responsible for administering many medications," she said.   

"When we had questions or concerns, the advice and guidance of Blue Care was invaluable.  

"Though we were hesitant to engage a support provider, we were so glad we did, and I'd encourage anyone who is considering support to reach out to Blue Care."  

For more information about how Blue Care can support you and your family, visit HERE

Alternatively, Blue Care has recently introduced a new customer service team who are available on 1300 258 322 to answer any questions people have about services, walk them through the process over the phone and help them engage support.