It is very sad to read of 40 lives lost in 47 days by drowning.
It is very sad to read of 40 lives lost in 47 days by drowning. Royal Life Saving Society

'If you want to stay alive don't swim in unprotected waters'


Swim where it's safe

IT IS very sad to read of 40 lives lost in 47 days by drowning, and also of so many lives lost on our roads and highways as well as by suicide.

Unfortunately, for most, these numbers are just that.

Loved ones will live with the tragedy forever. We drive and swim, and take the risk willingly. If an accident occurs we become a statistic, but if a fatal crocodile or shark attack occurs, we must find the animal and destroy, or relocate it. When one of our top surfers was attacked by a shark on the African coast, the news and photos went global, but no mention of how many people died in traffic accidents that day.

If people wish to swim in waters where sharks and crocodiles are in their natural habitat where all they are doing is looking for food, then that is their choice, but they should realise they are offering the animals a free feed. We destroy many sharks and crocodiles for food, leather, game hunting, etc.

So, if you want to stay alive, don't swim (in unprotected waters) and don't drive .



No republic

I FIND it frustrating that both federal leaders, Turnbull and Shorten, want to replace the monarchy with a republic so we can show the world we have come of age.

This was prompted by a past Labor PM that still receives a wonderful pension while the rest of us struggle.

We have more important things to worry about like our manufacturing businesses going offshore because they can't afford the skyrocketing electricity costs and water bills.

If we were to change to a republic, it would cost us billions as our currency would need to be changed over, signage removed and replaced on government buildings, government letterhead replaced, new protocols and legislation implemented etc.

Let Australia concentrate on getting our youth employed and ensuring our population can look after itself in old age without having to get a handout for everything.

That is far more important than how we are seen in the world.



Police crackdown on shoplifting

premium_icon Police crackdown on shoplifting

A woman has been arrested in Maryborough.

Major roadworks in Urraween almost finished

premium_icon Major roadworks in Urraween almost finished

'It’s a road that gets used an awful lot.'

COURT TRENDS: Window smashing is 'in' among offenders

premium_icon COURT TRENDS: Window smashing is 'in' among offenders

Businesses are being vandalised by drunks.

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