Inmate abuses magistrate

A PRISONER who directed personal and obscene verbal abuse at a magistrate – because he couldn’t get his case transferred to Brisbane – was lucky to avoid a charge of contempt of court.

Eric Carl Dutzmann levelled the barrage of offensive language towards Magistrate John Smith in the Maryborough Magistrates Court.

Dutzmann appeared in the court in custody after allegedly committing property offences throughout the Wide Bay region.

Included in his list of charges were stealing and break-in offences relating to incidents at two Bundaberg pharmacies.

Various businesses and schools were also targeted during Dutzmann’s alleged crime spree.

Dutzmann asked for his case to be adjourned to the Drug Court in Brisbane but Magistrate John Smith refused because there were new charges set for mention in the Maryborough Magistrates Court on March 9.

Dutzmann responded with a tantrum from the dock, banging his hands against the timber ledge, swearing profusely at the magistrate.

Defence lawyer Travis George said his client was a heroin addict.

Mr George said Dutzmann was on parole at the time of many of the alleged offences.

He is an inmate at Woodford Correctional Centre and objected to being brought back to Maryborough for court appearances.

Mr Smith adjourned Dutzmann’s 14 charges to March 9, when he is expected to face several new charges.

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