Interrogation no way to treat a 13-year-old

OPINION: If a 13-year-old girl murdered someone, you wouldn't see her face splashed everywhere.

She wouldn't be required to defend her actions in a public forum.

She probably wouldn't be escorted from the scene of the crime alone to be grilled by police for two hours without legal representation or some kind of support.

I say these things not to defend what was said by a 13-year-old girl at an AFL match on Friday night.

I'm saying this to try to put the incident into some kind of perspective.

Calling Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes an ape was unacceptable behaviour.

The timing was even more unfortunate as it came during the indigenous round.

But Adam Goodes is a grown man. As much as I'm sure it did hurt him, I'm also concerned about the young girl in question.

What would you think if your teen was led away by security and you weren't allowed to go with her?

If she was questioned for two hours without you, or anyone on her side, being next to her?

What did they talk about for two hours anyway?

What this girl needs is education, not complete condemnation.

I was heartened to read that Collingwood president Eddie McGuire had contacted the girl and told her she was still part of the Collingwood family.

Surely that is of more benefit than the nastiness that has been directed at someone who is little more than a child.

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