Bad timing for invasion of the blue blubbers

EDITORIAL: They couldn't have come at a worse time.

With the region and its visitors looking to escape the sticky heat, the cool, clear waters of Hervey Bay are temporarily a little less inviting because of an influx of blue blubber jellyfish.

Catostylus mosaicus are a seasonal visitor, but this year conditions seem to have favoured their reproductive cycle and there are millions of them off Queensland.

Recent local conditions have brought them ashore around the Fraser Coast.

They're not deadly like the box jellyfish and irukandji you can find further north, but they can give you a sting - caused by stinging cells in the simple organism which it uses to catch tiny crustaceans.

Until their numbers decline, Wetside, water slides and swimming pools will be looking pretty good.

The weather is not going to ease much this week, though possible storms might offer a little respite.

If you're feeling uncomfortable, spare a thought for the region's volunteer firefighters who are still busy out there.

Felix McWilliam holding one of the blue blubbers infesting our shores.
Felix McWilliam holding one of the blue blubbers infesting our shores. Valerie Horton

Cool spot with snacks

IF YOU'RE looking for somewhere cool to do a good deed, the Red Cross blood bank offices are nicely air-conditioned.

The Maryborough and Hervey Bay blood bank units need hundreds of donors over the New Year period.

Call 131 495 or visit to make an appointment.

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