Daniel Charles of Torquay was ecstatic to learn he received an OP 1 result from Xavier College.
Daniel Charles of Torquay was ecstatic to learn he received an OP 1 result from Xavier College. Daniel Tweed

Daniel Charles is a high achiever

HE HAS been crowned dux and won his school’s most prestigious all-rounder award, now former Xavier Catholic College student Daniel Charles has received an OP1.

Daniel said he was relieved after opening his Education Queensland letter yesterday and seeing his Overall Position score.

The modest Year 12 graduate admitted he was hoping for an OP1 but said he never counted on it.

Despite his impressive mark the Hervey Bay resident revealed he did not have a weekly study routine, instead he fitted in work wherever he could.

“There always seemed to be more to do than I would have liked to. You never feel 100 per cent prepared. I just fit in as much study as I possibly could,” he said.

Daniel is hoping to be accepted into James Cook University in Townsville to study medicine or into the University of Newcastle. His back-up option is to study science at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

After uni Daniel hopes to head overseas to work with underprivileged patients in developing nations.

“I can’t think of too much more that could be more fulfilling than that.”

Daniel has wanted to study medicine “forever” and said that as a kid he always enjoyed pulling out splinters and curing hiccups.

The 17-year-old chose to receive his results via traditional post because he had always envisaged it that way: “It would cheapen it if you worked hard for two years to then get a text or email.”

Daniel’s dad, Mike, said the family was very proud.

“He’s worked very, very hard over the 12 years of schooling.

“The thing we like about him most is he’s just a great kid. He’s a well-rounded person, not just an academic person.”

Xavier Catholic College Principal Kerry Swan wished Daniel congratulations and also praised his all-round success.

“Anyone who gets an OP1 does so because they have great natural abilities, work very hard and are committed.

“Schools can’t manufacture OP1s; it’s really the kids.”

Mr Swan said Daniel had also represented Queensland in cross country, was in the school band, won a Xavier medal, which recognised sporting and academic achievements, and was dux of the year.

“He’s going to go places,” Mr Swan added.

Daniel was also named Queensland Lions Youth of the Year for 2009 and will spend his summer on a five-week Lions trip around Australia.

“It’s been fantastic,” Daniel said of being at Xavier. “The teachers, students and support has been amazing. I don’t think I could’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to do without being at Xavier.”

An OP1 is awarded to the top two per cent of Queensland students.

There were 630 graduates who received an OP1 last year, including Kelsie Fowler from Xavier, Jared Miles from St Mary’s College and Biggenden local Talia Trigger.

Education Queensland will not publicly release a list of graduates’ OP scores until the new year.

There are 25 OP levels, 1 being the highest achievement.

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