Is it April 1 yet? Gender-free licences seem like a bad joke

A sample Queensland driver’s licence which doesn’t show gender or height.
A sample Queensland driver’s licence which doesn’t show gender or height.

I HONESTLY think it is a joke to scrap gender and identification details from Queensland licences.

Transport bureaucrats have done just this after complaints from the LGBTI community, in a politically correct overhaul of the licensing scheme.

A requirement for Queenslanders to detail their height has also been removed, after concerns that the collection of personal information by transport authorities was potentially discriminatory.

What is the world coming to?

An internal document obtained by The Courier-Mail also states that gender and height are being removed because of complaints that collecting the information may be viewed as discriminatory.

Further personal information including eye and hair colour is also being scrubbed from records attached to licences because it may be "perceived as discriminatory", the document reveals.

Yes I understand there needs to be anti-discrimination laws in place but I think this example is taking it too far.

Since when have people been discriminated against for the details on their licence?

It wouldn't surprise me if it got to the point where the rules became so stringent and complaints were taken so seriously that we ended up with licences without photos.

Chronicle readers had their say about the controversial changes on Facebook and were mostly outraged by the move.

Mikayla Glossop: "I don't understand who from the LGBT community would have complained."

"I don't know why these small things need to be changed. I hope the community aren't just being used as a scape goat for the changes."

Goldie Wattle: "I identify as female not a non-gender and am insulted I am not going to be allowed 'the right' to my identity."

Darryl Fordham: "Next there will be no date of birth."

Leanne Milzewski: "The world has gone mad.. that is all!"

Cindy Myers: "What's next?"

Sally Mundy: "Ridiculous, leave them as they are for goodness sake!"

I don't understand why they even bother asking drivers to nominate their gender when they apply for a licence when it's not shown on the card.

I'm interested in knowing what you think about these licence changes. Join the discussion and tell us below.

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