IT may have been one of London's hottest days this summer but that hasn't stopped the crowds converging on Buckingham Palace for news of the royal birth. 

Some are hoping the latest addition to the royal family will be loved the world over and once again put the English monarchy in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

Sandra steeds and Alex Lowry left their Essex homes as soon as they heard the duchess of Cambridge was in labour and travelled to Hyde Park for a picnic lunch before heading to the palace.

But first they donned a tiara and crown representing their bets on the baby's gender.

"We are here for the royal couple," Sandra said.

"This baby is good for the country and for everyone.

"It is a baby not just for England.  It is for the whole world. Everyone is excited."

Sonja Althous and her 19 year old son   arrived from Germany this morning. They were hoping the baby had arrived last week so they'd avoid the crowds at the palace. 

"Now days the monarchy is seen as more outward looking compared to when I studied here 31 years ago," Sonja said.

"With the birth of this baby I can't see the English giving up on the monarchy any time soon."

Sonja decided the wait was getting too long so headed off for some quieter tourist haunts.

Others lapped up the sun or read the evening newspaper which was,as you expected, all about the impending birth.

And we can expect the same for a long time to come going by the world's media lining up at the gates.

APN'S Belinda Warren was on holidays in London - just in time to cover the royal birth. 


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