LAST drinks will be officially over with the end of the Maryborough PubFest at 6pm on Sunday.

Revellers will be asked to hand in their stamped passports to their venue to help set the Guinness record for the world's biggest pub crawl and to go into the draw to win the $5000 cash prize.

Event organiser Brendan Heit said he was quietly confident the record could be reclaimed from Kansas City in the USA - 4885 pub crawlers is the number to beat.

Ten pubs need to be stamped off for passports to be counted, while all 13 need to be for entry into the $5000 cash prize draw, which will be announced tonight.

Mr Heit said passports can be placed into boxes at any of the 13 PubFest venues.

"Each hotel has a box, just hand them into the bar staff and they will take them," he said.

All passports will then be taken to City Hall where the cash prize winner will be drawn at about 6.30pm.

But revellers will need to wait for longer to find out if the world record has been broken.

Mr Heit said the passports will be bundled into stacks of 50 and recounted at City Hall in front of Guiness adjudicators.

A call should be made at about 8 or 9pm tonight.

This is the first time the Maryborough PubFest has been organised by the publicans themselves.

Mr Heit said he felt confident next year's PubFest would be even bigger.



DRINKS were served to thousands of patrons today at the Old Sydney Hotel - it has been a 2016 PubFest to remember.

While a live concert entertained during lunch hours there, Russell Booth's back wax at the Carriers Arms Hotel had patrons grinning from ear-to-ear as he grimaced in pain. See more in the video above.

About $350 was raised through his efforts by about 1.30pm today, but with a dozen strips still left for purchase at time, plenty more would have been made by the time all the hair had been taken off.

Every cent will be donated to the Cancer Council.

His partner Charmain Bailey said shouts of Scotch and Coke helped numb the pain for Russell.

With only an hour to go until the 5pm PubFest finish, now is the time for patrons to get their game faces on.

All 13 destinations need to be stamped off for revellers to go into the draw to win $5000.

But only ten need to be stamped off to be counted for the world's biggest pub crawl record.

Remember, drinks don't have to be alcoholic, so why not grab a soft drink or water?


UPDATE 2.40PM: PUBS in out-lying areas of Maryborough have reported the busiest PubFest in years.

Keen drinkers have been grabbing their first few rounds in more remote hotels and taverns before heading into the CBD.

The Granville and Lamington Hotels have reported peak crowds of hundreds, while the Westside Tavern in Tinana said they served more than 1000 this morning, making it the biggest PubFest crowd they had in years.

Note: Not all images coincide with the year they were taken.



The first hour-and-a-half of PubFest could be the calm before the storm for those serving drinks at Maryborough's inner-city pubs.

The Post Office Hotel manager Stephen Casey said he expected the crowd to pick up by about mid-afternoon.

"People are slowly coming in, but in the next hour, it will go off," he said.

While most revellers might be enjoying their first or second drinks of the day, Caboolture's Jennifer McMillan said she and her team had already been stamped off at three pubs.

Dressed up as Wally, from Where's Wally, Jennifer, her friend Matt Kennings and mum Sharon McMillan are easy to spot in bright red stripes, hats and black glasses.

But Jennifer said her group had not managed to outshine other pub crawlers.

She said the trio were very impressed with the costumes worn by others on the day.

Don't forget Russell Booth will have his back waxed at the Carriers Arms Hotel at 1pm to raise money.

See here for more.


MARYBOROUGH PubFest has officially begun with the firing of the time cannon at 11am.

With only six hours to go until the 5pm finish, revellers will need to be on form to have all 13 drinking venues stamped off their PubFest passport to go into the draw to win a $5000 cash prize.

It is no easy task, with transport to and from destinations to be factored in with drinking time - pub crawlers will need to catch shuttle buses to the outlying pubs.

However, if they have ten or more, their passport will be used in the Guinness world record count for world's biggest pub-crawl.

With thousands of tipsy revellers set to paint the Heritage City red in colourful and gory costumes, drivers are urged to take caution on the roads and be aware of road closures.

Maryborough police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Cole said traffic would be diverted on Wharf St between Bazaar and March Sts, Richmond St between Kent St and the Excelsior Band Hall and Kent St between March and Richmond Sts.

He also urged revellers to be safe on Sunday by using public transport where possible, exercising patience with other commuters waiting for buses and taxis and to be alert to their surroundings.

Stay tuned for more live coverage today.

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